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Organic Cotton

Our cotton is grown and processed from seed to garment in harmony with nature.  
Soft, strong and sustainable, it is the perfect fabric for your baby's first clothes.


What makes organic cotton special? 

Soft on Baby's Skin
No Harmful Chemicals
Pure Organic Cotton
Sustainably Grown

Cotton has a reputation for being pure and one of the best fabrics for babies and children to wear as it is soft, breathable and comfortable. Although cotton has wonderful qualities, it also has a devastating impact on the health and well-being of farmers, communities and our earth.  Conventional cotton is one of the most genetically modified and pesticide-intensive crops in the world.  The processing of the cotton into fabric also requires the use of harsh chemicals, some of which may be irritating to delicate baby skin, which is five times more sensitive than an adult's skin.  It is not just the chemicals that are concerning.  Labour exploitation ('sweatshops') and child labour are not uncommon in the textile industry. 

Our cotton is organically grown by individual farmers and co-operatives in small villages in India.  The cotton flowers are processed into yarn then fabric without the use of any harmful chemicals and the fabric is then printed using water-based, low impact dyes.  Our garments are made under fair trade practices which empower local people, especially women, in the process of attaining economic security and freedom.


Our Certification

The Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) is a trustworthy, independent and internationally recognized standard for certifying organic textiles. Certification goes beyond pesticide residues - it covers the entire process from the planting of cotton seeds to the labelling and packaging of the final garment. It ensures that your baby's clothes are made in a conscious way which cares for the people who grow our cotton, the people who make our clothes and the earth and it's wildlife, wilderness and resources. It also means that you won't find a trace of harmful chemicals.