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About Us

We are a New Zealand based company creating beautiful quality organic clothing for babies and children.

We believe that baby clothing should be made from natural and organic fibers which are pure and gentle on delicate baby skin.  Our clothes are made from organic cotton, grown and processed without any harmful chemicals from seed to garment.  We also believe that there's no reason to choose between style and sustainability.  Our garments feature beautiful, often artistic patterns printed using non-toxic, water-based dyes which are non-irritating on young skin and low impact on the environment.  

Wonderfully soft and comfortable, each Ziwi Baby garment has been designed and made with care for your little one as well as the world that they will inherit.


GOTS certified organic
GOTS certified organic
Soft on baby's skin
soft on baby's skin
beautiful quality
beautifully designed
Ethically Made
ethically made

Our Story

Hi! I'm Nivi and I'm a mother to a three year old girl.

I have thought about starting an organic baby clothing company ever since my daughter was born in September 2015.  I had always struggled to find good quality baby clothes made from natural fabrics for her eczema prone skin.  When she turned one and I watched her take her first baby steps, I realized that I needed to be brave too, so I decided that I was going to pursue Ziwi Baby full-time!  After a year of working and learning and meeting wonderful people, our online store opened in April 2018.

Ziwi Baby is close to my heart – our cotton is organically grown and our clothes are ethically stitched in India – where I grew up as a young child before moving to New Zealand.  We work with a small but reputed GOTS certified factory, whose owners share many of our values, and adhere to socially and environmentally conscious production practices.  GOTS accreditation goes beyond organic certification and ensures fair labour practices and that no harmful chemicals are used in production from start to finish.  Not only does organic clothing benefit your little one, but also the local community where the cotton is grown benefits from cleaner air, water and soil, and farmers and workers benefit from a safe and fair working environment.

My wish is for Ziwi Baby to have a positive impact in some way on everyone involved in the process – farmers, workers, the earth and of course – you!  I hope you love our collection as much as I do and that it makes you and your little one happy.

Size Guide

Ziwi Baby

Weight (kg)

Height (cm)

0-3 months

4 – 6  

56 – 62

3-6 months

6 – 8

62 – 68

6-12 months

8 – 10

68 – 76

12-18 months

10 – 12

76 – 82

18-24 months

12 – 14

82 – 88