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About Us

Our Philosophy

We make thoughtful apparel for the little people in our lives. We love organic cotton, soft fabrics and quality clothes which are both beautiful and comfortable to wear. Our garments are made with respect for the people involved in the process and the earth which we all share. Each Ziwi Baby garment carries the Global Organic Textile Standard certification label.

Organic Cotton

Our organic cotton is grown by independent farmers and fairtrade co-operatives in the villages surrounding our mill. Farmers employ traditional agricultural practices - rainwater instead of irrigation, compost instead of fertilizers, and botanicals instead of chemical pesticides. Organic farming improves the health and well-being of farmers and their communities. Farmers receive a fair price for their crop plus a premium.

The premium we pay on each garment goes towards community development projects such as building schools and clinics as well as smaller grants for books & school uniforms for children and the purchase of farm equipment. All our cotton is certified by the Fairtrade Labelling Organization (FLO) and Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS).

Comfy & Durable Clothes

Our clothes are made from pure organic cotton without the use of any harmful chemicals. We like to use a 100% organic cotton interlock jersey fabric for our garments. Interlock is the quintessential fabric for baby clothes because of its softness, breathability and comfort. Every ingredient in our clothes - cotton, dyes, thread, even the snap buttons - is Global Organic Textile Standard approved for safety and sustainability. Our colours and patterns are printed using GOTS-approved dyes and inks which are safe on sensitive baby skin, low-impact on the environment and free from harmful chemicals.

Ethical Production

We believe in slow production - making clothes with care for people and the planet. We work with our factory partner in India to bring our collections to life. Our garments are made by skilled staff who work in a fair, safe and respectful environment free from all forms of labour exploitation. Our production process, from the planting of cotton seeds to the packaging of garments, is Global Organic Textile Standard certified and each Ziwi Baby garment is fully traceable all the way back to the farm where the cotton was grown. Not only does organic clothing benefit your little one, but farmers and their communities benefit from cleaner air, soil and waterways and workers benefit from fair working conditions.

Hello and welcome.

I hope you're having a beautiful day. Thank you for taking the time in this busy world to learn more about us.

I'm Nivi, mum of two little ones and founder of Ziwi Baby. We began our journey in 2018 with a desire to make quality clothes for little ones with respect for people and the planet. We work with a family-run mill in India, where I grew up as a young child, to bring our collections to life.

I hope our garments become well-loved and well-worn clothes for your little one to live in, play in and grow up in, and handed down to start all over again.

I'd love to hear from you - whether you'd like to share an idea with us or just want to say hello - you can email me at

Nivi Narayanan